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Interpreting Timesheets

You need to take an interpreting timesheet to each appointment. Upon completion of an interpreting assignment, some MoJ partners will close jobs for you at the end of each one, but others may be unable to do so. If the job has not been closed within 72 hours of the assignment you can now log into your account to close the job yourself, which will kick-start the payment process.

On certain occasions it will not be possible for the police officer or other CJS staff member to enter the start and finish time of the job you have attended straight into the booking management portal. We therefore ask that you print and carry a blank timesheet with you to each assignment, so that you can create a signed record of the job, taking a copy for your own record keeping purposes, leaving a copy with the CJS member of staff.

Please download your timesheet templates here.

Wherever possible, please close jobs within the portal rather than submitting timesheets to Capita Translation and Interpreting to enable more prompt payment.

Please remember to retain all travel receipts (train tickets, taxi receipts etc.) to ensure full travel payment.